HappyHealthy Round-Up: A Week’s Worth of Useful Tips

18 Jul
Healthy Moms has a post on the importance of compliments for our well-being and happiness.
Healthy Mommy makes cloth-diapering look so idyllic and good, I’m almost inspired to go out and start cloth-ing myself.  (Almost, mind you, almost.)
Congrats to Workout Mommy for breaking up with her diet-soda!   I kicked the soda habit long ago (well that’s not true, I actually never even like it!)  Check out more reasons to break up with soda, diet or non-diet!
The Motherlode has a post on rethinking if there’s an ideal way to give birth or not.  I agree with her that there is no one “ideal” way to give birth, but I believe strongly in making it the best experience that you can, which means being informed and prepared for what is taking place, and being the decision-maker for as many choices as you can.
The New York Times has an interesting read on how smartphone apps can really help people lose weight! I just might check that out with our iPhone 4! (Yes, we are a bit Apple-obsessed…)

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